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Brabender Messtechnik - Products

Continuously developed for 30 years. Robust, compact and portable design. Measures according to DIN EN ISO 15512:2019. ____________

Residual moisture analysis via dew point measurement. A precise method, completely without reagent and yet water-selective.

A viscometer for process control in the production or use of liquids and pastes of any kind. 50 years of continuous development.

Relaxation measurements for the characterization of elastomers and determination of the crosslink density. ________ __________

The main focus of Brabender Messtechnik® GmbH & Co KG, founded in 1961, is the production and development of measuring instruments for residual moisture measurement of plastics, viscosity measurement of liquids, pastes and temperature-dependent elasticity measurement of plastics. Learn more…

Brabender Messtechnik - Solutions

Measure residual moisture

The AQUATRAC product range symbolises the state of the art in residual moisture measurement. Learn more about the measuring methods.
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