The revolution in residual moisture analysis

A revolutionary new feature of the AQUATRAC Station: residual moisture analysis via dew point measurement. A precise method which, in response to many customer requests, does not require any reagent at all and yet works water-selectively. You will find more information about dew point measurement here.
  • precision - Dew point measurement in vacuum - more accurate, reliable, reproducible
  • The robust alternative - No more lab coat - built as a standalone unit for the factory floor
  • Easy operation - Without reagent, auxiliary chemicals or carrier gases

As an absolute measuring instrument, it does not require any calibration work for different substances. It can be used independently of a PC or other peripherals.

  • No reagent, no chemicals – Measuring without additional costs or waste
  • Ease of use – No specialist personnel or training necessary
  • Precise and reproducible measurement results – Accuracy of 0.01 mg H2O absolute
  • Unique analysis functions – Surface and core moisture measurement
  • User defineable measurement criteria – End of measurement after defined time, after falling below a quantity of water per time or exceeding the processing limit
  • All thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers in powder or pellet form
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Monitoring and optimisation of the granulate drying process
  • Measurement of the granulate at the machine/machine hopper
  • Measurement on the finished part, e.g. after conditioning or final inspection
  • Quality control in the laboratory and in production
  • And much more…
  • Gradient of the residual moisture content
  • Exceeding the upper processing limit
  • Falling below the lower processing limit after a certain time
  • Fixed measuring time
  • User database – Comfortable control of access rights
  • Improved material database – Create and manage processing limits and recommended sample quantities
  • High-resolution touch display – Clearly arranged and comfortable to use
  • Managed network access – Cross-platform and secure access to measurement results, including PDF and CSV export
  • Wide range of accessories – Optional: 3-colour signal lights, label printer and precision scales
The revolutionary new feature of the AQUATRAC Station is the physical measuring principle: highprecision residual moisture analysis via waterselective dew point measurement. More information about this measuring method can be found here.

AQUATRAC Station - Pictures

AQUATRAC Station - Specifications

Measurement principle / test methods: Dew point measurement / Precise residual moisture calculation, temperature scan
Sample weight / sample volume 0,05 – 20 g dependent on the expected residual moisture proportion / max. 50 cm3
Resolution 0,01 mg / 1 ppm / 0,0001 % H2O
Precision better than +/- 0,6mg of measuring range end value
Measuring range 0,0001 – 15 % H2O (relative) / 0,01 – 15 mg H2O (absolute)
Measuring temperatures 30 – 160 °C in steps of 1 °C
Measuring time Approx. 10 – 60 min. depending on material
Display %, ppm, mg
Interfaces 3 × USB 2.0, 1 × Ethernet
Power supply 85 – 265 VAC / 50/60Hz / max. 600W
Calibration Multi-point calibration according to DIN EN ISO 15512
Operating temperature 10 – 45 °C
Air humidity 5 – 95 % non-condensing
Protection class IP20
Dimensions (W x D x H) / Weight 562 × 404 × 275 mm / 27,6 kg