Viscometer for process control in production or use of liquids and pastes of any kind


The CONVIMETER® is a viscometer that enables process control in the production or use of liquids and pastes of all kinds. It`s an important tool for quality control.

The substance behaviour is not only recorded at an interface, but is determined over a macroscopic range in order to identify the behaviour of the overall structure of the medium.

Why CONVIMETER as a process viscometer?

  • Process viscometer – for online measurement, control and regulation
  • Protection classes – available for different production environments
  • Measuring range – 5 – 107 mPas for both newtonian and shear thinning fluids

CONVIMETER Application areas

The CONVIMETER® is used in a wide variety of industrial production processes – to measure viscosity as a quality-relevant product parameter or as a measured variable for process control. The success of the system is documented in over 1400 applications in the field of
  • Chemistry
  • Petrochemicals
  • food industry
  • Paper production
  • Bodycare industry
and other applications.

CONVIMETER functions

  • Automatic measuring range adjustment
  • Automatic zero point adjustment, which also takes into account the temperature influence on the zero point
  • Temperature compensation of the viscosity display

CONVIMETER Measuring method

The measurement is carried out by large volume shear at small shear rates, which allows a reliable differentiation of the rheological differences. The tumbling movement of the measuring body in the protective tube creates a pumping effect which ensures rapid substance exchange. Disturbing influences of granular particles as well as hardening processes are strongly suppressed, magnetic particles do not influence the measuring procedure. More Information

CONVIMETER special versions

epending on the desired measuring range, the CONVIMETER® is available in various special versions in addition to the standard versions:
  • CONVIMETER Type L – for low viscosities – Smallest measuring range: 0… approx. 35 mPas
  • CONVIMETER Type H – for high viscosities – Largest measuring range: 0… approx.107 mPas
  • CONVIMETER Type P – for high pressures
Type P can be used up to 150 bar, depending on the design. The moving sensor is sealed at the top by a pressure-resistant membrane. The cavity along the measuring shaft is filled with silicone oil and pressure compensated.


CONVIMETER - Specifications

Measurable Viscosities:Approx. 5 – 107 mPas newtonian and non-newtonian fluids
Measuring Range:Standard type approx. 50 – 2 * 105 mPas within several sub-ranges Special versions for low and high viscosities
Accuracy:+/- 1% of full scale, +/- 1 mPas abs.
Measurement units:Viscosity in mPas, torque in %, optional temperature in °C
Range of Pressure:
Vacuum to 10 bar, optional up to 150 bar
Range of Temperature:Max. 300 °C
Material:Parts in contact with fluid, stainless steel DIN 1.4571 other materials optional
Output Signal:4 – 20 mA, RS 422/485
Power Supply:110 V, 230 V +/- 10%, 50 and 60 Hz, 50 W
Protection:Measuring head: IP 54 optional: II 1/2 G Ex eb db IIC T4 Ga/Gb, optional: Nepsi, Control uni: IP 31
(W x D x H):
Measuring head: see tabulation inside, Control unit: 144 * 144 * 250 mm