Customer Service

Spare parts

Long-term guaranteed: spare parts supply

In spite of high quality, periodical maintenance and care our intruments have normal wear and tear. To work against that we not only offer the repair of our instruments but also maintenance.

Of course, such efforts take time during which the instrument is not at customer’s disposal. Whenever possible we offer an instrument on loan for that period of time. Both parties take profit: our customer can keep on working and we can repair and maintain with most accuracy.

Applicational laboratory: rental and test instruments

Even for our customers: our applicational laboratory

Unser anwendungstechnisches Labor dient Our applicational laboratory serves not only for research and development but is also at interested customers’ disposal (after previous arrangement) to test our instruments or to find solutions for their specific problems.

Convince yourself: test instruments

You are not quite sure if you want to apply our products? No problem: We provide a test instrument on request. Thus you can find out without ruffle whether our Brabender® products fit with your applications and if they fulfill your expectations.

For a limited period of time: rental instruments

You need a measuring and testing instrument for laboratory or pilot plant for a singular solution of your problem for a fixed period of time? Just contact us: we prepare a quotation and provide a suitable instrument against rental fee.

Maintenance and repair

Solid start: commissioning under expert instruction

The right start is crucial. Our qualified service personnel guarantees the technically perfect commissioning of the new device. Our customers also receive technical training during commissioning to familiarize them more quickly with the operation of the instrument and thus to be able to carry out measurements efficiently earlier.

On the safe side: cost-effective maintenance contracts

Of course even the best products need regular maintenance and care. We offer our customers maintenance contracts with regular inspection intervals and immediate troubleshooting – if necessary.

After all, our customers cannot and do not want to afford long downtimes. Therefore, we guarantee support in case of problems and ensure the operation of our products in the laboratory and pilot plant.