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The products in the AQUATRAC® portfolio are measuring instruments for determining the moisture content in solids for the plastics processing industry.

  • Binding measurement results for production, laboratory and developmen
  • Standalone - devices can be used without additional peripherals
  • Easy handling and menu navigation
  • Indispensable in modern quality management

All-round carefree package for analysis -> Measure moisture

Excessively high residual moisture contents are a particular problem in polar, hydrophilic plastics, which can sometimes even be decomposed by water. But even in non-polar, hydrophobic polymers, precise knowledge of the water content helps to make the costly drying and manufacturing process more economical.

What are typical applications for the AQUATRAC® series?

Determination of humidity for:

  • Polar, hydrophilic plastics
  • Ungepolte, hydrophobe Polymere


  • Thermoplastics - ABS, PBT, PA 6.6, PA 6, GF 30, PA 12, PC, PET, TPE, PEI, LDPE, HDPE, PETP, PMMA, PP and many more
  • Duroplaste - Epoxy resins, acrylates, silicone resins, vinyl resins and many more
  • Elastomers - Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), polychloroprene rubber (CR), thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) polyurethane rubber PUR and many more

Here, precise knowledge of the water content helps to make the complex drying and manufacturing process more economical.

AQUATRAC Messgerät


You place the device exactly where you need it: Next to the extruder, the dryer, the injection moulding machine - anywhere in the factory, in quality management or in the laboratory. It goes without saying that the units have many interfaces for accessories of all kinds. For example, precision scales can be connected directly and integrated into the highly automated analysis process. The sample weight is automatically transferred. Typing errors are eliminated once and for all.


Precise measurement - Easy operation

The well thought-out menu on the generous 7" touch screen is easy to use. This speeds up the analysis process and prevents operating errors. Always relieving the user of as much work as possible: this idea is also reflected in the device details.

What special functions does AQUATRAC offer?

  • Simple operation - through measurement wizards
  • Clear representation - real-time graph
  • Data archiving - export of measurement data in csv format or the measurement protocol in pdf format
    Call up measurement history - Data storage on the device
  • Call up measurement history - Data storage on the device
    Quality assurance made easy - Editable material database for plastics
    Organize access rights - thanks to customizable user rights
    Always up-to-date - thanks to browser-based remote access to the user interface and company updates

Measuring humidity with AQUATRAC-Station

    The innovation: Dew point measurement
    Without reagent, auxiliary chemicals or carrier gases
    Even more accurate and reproducible


More information about AQUATRAC-Station

Measuring moisture with AQUATRAC-V

  • Recognized in the industry for 30 years
  • Measuring according to standards - DIN EN ISO 15512:2019
  • Transportable and flexible in use

AQUATRAC V 500x373

More information about AQUATRAC-V




The AQUATRAC® software is extremely intelligent! You can set up and configure a user database, determine who can access the database and define processing limits of the sample material. The measuring process is documented by means of concrete curve plots. You maintain an overview at all times, extrapolations are no longer necessary.

AQUATRAC Dashboard

You can also see the status of the measurement remotely via an optional signal light; when the analysis is complete, the software automatically saves the acquired data in a database of your choice - via network. Your measurement result is displayed in milligrams, percent and ppm. Previous measurements are also immediately displayed again - for example, if you want to compare results from one and the same product batch.


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